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Yosifah's Youtube Channel - Arabic Music and more!

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El Morocco Dancers' Nights, Pleasant Hill, CA
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Classical Arabic Music Ensemble: Al'Azifoon

Yosifah Rose Productions Favorite Links!

Arabic Language Resources

Learn Arabic, English, Spanish, French, and many other languages at Livemocha!

Pacific Arabic Resources Learn to speak Arabic in San Francisco, California! Also, check out their events calendar!

Arabic Musicians and Arabic Bands in the Bay Area.

Al 'Azifoon. Translation..."The Musicians or Instrumentalists" performs Classical Arabic music including many belly dance (aka Raqs Sharqi) favorites authentically played on oud, qanun, riqq, and tabla, with Arabic vocals by Yosifah. Hire Al 'Azifoon for haflas, festivals, corporate parties as well as educational presentations and lectures at schools, public libraries, and other educational events in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contact Yosifah for info at
Watch Al 'Azifoon on Youtube.

ASWAT Arabic Choir ASWAT is a community ensemble for classical and folk Arabic music in San Francisco, California.

Mark Bell and Ling Shien Bell: Helm Music Based in Marin County, California, Helm plays acoustic music reflective of the traditions of the Middle East through classical, folkloric and original compositions. Helm provides music for all to enjoy. For dance artists Helm's unique style works whether you need belly dance music, tribal dance music, tribal fusion or gypsy music (Rom). Mark Bell and Ling Shien tour regularly teaching workshops and performing with their band Helm. When they are in the Bay Area, they sometimes perform in collaboration with Yosifah's band Al 'Azifoon!

Tim Bolling is a professional Bay Area drummer and percussionist versatile in rock, blues, funk, R&B, reggae, and jazz; “world” styles such as Middle Eastern, African, Latin, and Brazilian; experimentation with household and industrial objects as instruments; and back-up vocals and throat singing. He has performed live on radio, and on local and international TV, satellite, and web broadcasts. Tim performs with many musical groups including sometimes with Yosifah's band Al 'Azifoon.

Mary Ellen Donald Middle Eastern percussionist and instructor in Oakland, California. Her Gems of the Middle East performance series recorded with the late Mimi Spencer is a MUST HAVE for all students of Middle Eastern dance and music. Mary Ellen Donald performs as a soloist and with many musical collaborations including sometimes with Yosifah's band Al 'Azifoon!

Light Rain - Doug Adamz Light Rain - Doug Adamz is based in Marin County. Light Rain has many songs that are belly dance classics! Doug Adamz is a masterful violinist, guitar player, a soulful singer, and an outrageous harmonica player.

Rachid Halihal. North African & Middle Eastern Music. Oud, violin, vocals, and percussion. Email him at He sometimes teaches in the Bay Area in addition to his teaching in New York. Also, he leads tours to Morocco with Eva Cernik!

Souhail Kaspar Middle Eastern Percussian Master. Excellent instructor, dynamic performer, and a truly inspiring percussionist! He is based in LA, but he sometimes teaches workshops in the Bay Area.

Georges Lammam and Amorphia Productions Master Violist, vocalist, instructor, and composer. Check out his site for more information about his performances, recordings, and instructional materials, and teaching schedule. George performs as a soloist, with his own musical groups, as well as a member of the Lammam Brothers Ensemble.

Antonie "Tony" Lammam Master Percussionist and Poet, the oldest of the Lammam Brothers which is a family of profound musical genius! Each brother is truly a master musi. Tony performs as a soloist as well as with the Lammam Brothers Ensemble.

Elias Lammam is a world-renowned composer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and master instructor of Classical Arabic Music. He teaches private vocal and instrumental students in Classical and contemporary Arabic music, theory, and performance, as well as a weekly Arabic Music Ensemble classes in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as in Santa Cruz. Contact Mr. Lammam for corporate events as well as private bookings for performances, studio recordings, and instructional workshops. He performs as a soloist as well as with the Lammam Brothers Ensemble

Susu PampaninIs a superstar percussionist based in the North Bay of the San Francisco area. Buy her CDs! She has explored and studied all types of percussion instruments and styles of music, and her incredible talent is especially evident in her work in Middle Eastern drumming. Susu is well known for her virtuosity in Arabic drumming and is one of the few female Middle Eastern. drummers highly respected by the Arabic professional music community. She has worked and recorded with fusion ensembles, including Wild Mango, Keith Terry and Crosspulse, Stellamara, Jazayer, BlueNile, Vince Delgado Quintet, Susu and the Cairo Cats, and most recently, Holly Near. She also has a solo drum CD,Hands of Time. She occasionally has performed with Yosifah's band Al 'Azifoon when we are lucky enough to find her home from touring!

Naser Musa A truly gifted and accomplished oud master, vocalist, and composer. His work has been featured on movie soundtracks as well as on many other artists CD musical releases. Check him out and buy his CDs! He is based in LA, but he sometimes teaches and tours the Bay Area and performs with the Lammam Brother Ensemble.

Pangia is based in Mt. Shasta, but they perform sometimes in the Bay Area and beyond! Check them out!

Tobias Roberson Amazing percussionist & instructor! Sometimes based in Bay Area...sometimes India... and beyond!

Cynthia RutherfordFantastic percussionist! She is based in Sacramento where she regularly performs with her band Flowers of the Nile; however she also performs in the Bay Area with other groups including sometims with Yosifah's band Al 'Azifoon!

Simon Shaheen Internationally acclaimed Arabic music performer, composer, and master instructor in performance and theory. He is based on the East Coast, but he sometimes tours the Bay Area.

Articles about Arabic Music, Belly Dance, Art, Literature, and Culture

Center for Arabic Culture

Articles by Yosifah

C is for Courage. Yosifah Rose's article about her experience surviving breast cancer. Published in The Belly Dancer Magazine, Quarter 2 2006 (April/May/June). Please contact Yosifah if you would like to be emailed a copy of her article. She hopes that by sharing her experience, she can give courage, hope, and support to others whose lives or loved ones have been touched by cancer.

I Love LUCY! Confessions of a Dancer. Yosifah's article about her favorite Egyptian Raqs Sharqi dancer Lucy and insights that she gleaned from studying with her during her workshops for Little Egypt in Dallas, Texas in April 2006. Published on the Gilded Serpent.

Loay Dahbour: Kuwaiti Drum Pro. An interview by Yosifah Rose published on the Gilded Serpent.

Yosifah's Introduction to Music for Aspiring Belly Dancers

Yosifah's Rules of Etiquette and Professional Conduct for Belly Dancers

More articles on the Ethics of Pricing: Morocco If Prices Are Up All Over, Why Are Oriental Dancers Getting Less?

Nanna Candelaria on the Gilded Serpent Calling All Professional Dancers! How Much Do You Charge?

Belly Dance in Clubs and Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area

Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant and Hookah Lounge, San Francisco Marrakech is the original Moroccan Restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area! Enjoy belly dancing, live music, and delicious Moroccan cuisine! Spacious facilities available for receptions and private parties.

Belly Dance Costumes and Shopping Related to Belly Dance, Arabic Music and Middle Eastern Instrument Resources - Sells imported Arabic music titles ranging from unique collections by established artists and titles that have never been issued in the United States. Check out their unique and exciting collection of Arabic music. They offer 1-day shipping!

Arab Artists Resources and Training Website Arab Artists Resources and Training is committed to helping career-track artists creating fine art in all styles and media to support themselves exclusively by networking together and teaching them how to find and receive grants to help promote their Arab cultural heritage.

Arabic Entertainers Arabic Entertainers is a resource hosted and designed by the talented keyboardist, vocalist, and composer Joe Kandalaft.

Everything for belly dancers!

Artemis Imports 20 years in business. THE site for belly dancers to shop: Costumes, costume patterns and supplies, veils, belts, jewelry, music, videos, zills, henna, and more!

Audrena's - The Belly Dance Store Shop on-line at Audrena's for music, costumes, videos, etc!!!! Marta the Legend belly dance costumes

The Belly Dance Source. Translations for Middle Eastern lyrics and more!

Marta, belly dance workshops, downloads and costumes

Dawn Devine Brown's costuming books at Ibexa Press Davina's books are a MUST for the do-it-yourself dancer/costumer.

Dahlal Intl Egyptian costumes, music, videos, & more!

Discount Dancewear. My real favorites for dance classes are Bloch Neo Jazz Shoes, model #SO493L. Hermes Sandals under "Modern dance shoes" are useful for student performances or outdoor dancing.

Capezio Dancewear Shop. Hermes sandals under "Modern/Gymnastic Shoes, #9006." Also special orders for gold and silver if you plan to use them for performance!

Desert Moon Dance - Buyer's Guide. Shopping for belly dance costumes and accessories. Check out this comprehensive Buyer's Guide!

Hollywood Music Center/PE-KO Int'l Records Belly dance & Arabic pop music, belly dance DVDs & videos! (818) 240-8888. Egypt Craft is a specialized exporter and manufacturer of Egyptian handmade Belly dance costumes, belly dancer accessories, folkloric costumes, hip scarves, belly dance music CDs. They also organize belly dance classes and Festivals with amazing Egyptian teachers such as Mahmoud Reda, Farida Fahmy, Aida Noor, more!

Horus & Isis Company Egyptian fringe, coins belts, & costumes from an Egyptian manufacturer and wholesaler.

La Porte d'IshtarOnline belly dance shop in France!

Little Egypt WORKSHOPS with the top Egyptian dancers, shopping, and more!

Maqam Shop here for CDs, DVDs, and videos of Middle Eastern Music!

Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp Get educated, get inspired, see you at camp!!

Rashid Music Sales Co. Rashid Music Sales Co., Inc. America's largest and oldest distributor of Arabic music, videos, and DVDs. Est. 1934 . 800-843-9401 OR 718-852-3295, Fax #: 718-643-9522

Saroyan Zills. Zills, coins and scimitars!

Sphinx Records This multi-talented Egyptian composer/producer/musician/doctor produces truly exciting Raks Sharki music that is perfect for performances in both large and small venues.

Topkapi Designs Ltd. Lovely belly dance costumes and more!

Turkish Emporium Everything for belly dancing: beautiful costumes, caftans, etc!

Turquoise International Zills, Egyptian-made costumes, coin belts, videos, and tours!

Vajra Vision Over 500 Middle Eastern Dance links!

Yasmina's Joy of Belly Dancing, a comprehensive belly dance resource!

Belly Dance Festivals

Belly Dance Fanstasy Festival Tatseena hostesses some great festivals. Check her out!

Desert Dance Festival. Dunia's festival in San Jose has great dancing, vending, and workshops! Rakkasah Middle Eastern Dance Festivals East and West, Dances for the Winter Moon, and more!. Shurkiyya produces all three of these amazing belly dancing festivals which feature belly dancers from all over the world, shopping, and instructional workshops!

Two Old Bags - Janie "Jenee" Midgley and Chris "T'Murr" Proebstel Costumers, writers, promoters, dancers, and more! High Desert Hip Festival and Wiggles of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Belly Dance Magazines

The Belly Dancer Magazine Published by the lovely Zaina Hart!

The Gilded Serpent. Great on-line belly dance magazine!

Belly Dancers and Belly Dance Instruction Resources

Visit the Gilded Serpent Webzine for articles, events, news, reviews, links, and resources for all things related to belly dance and more!

Asmhan of Zurich A professional bellydancer and instructor in Zurich, Switzerland.

Aswan Dancers/Amina Dancing workshops, events, instruction, and the Giza Club. Amina is a master belly dancing instructor based in San Francisco, California.

Ayshah - Artist of Middle Eastern Bellydance Check out Ayshah's Bellydance Directory!

Belly Dancers Online! A growing network for America's belly dancers. - a community dedicated to helping people find education.

Hala Dance Instruction, performances, workshops, Egypt tours, & more!

IAMED - International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance Visit their site for history, events, links, and their latest instructional and performance belly dance videos!

Jizan A beautiful, award-winning professional belly dancer and instructor teaches at Halanda studio in San Jose.

Khajulah A beautiful belly dancer, instructor, and costumer located in the South Bay.

Layla Habib Teaches belly dance classes in Pleasant Hill! She is a member of Sharifa's Troupe Tangiers performing folkloric Middle Eastern Dance!

MECDA-SF Bay Area Chapter Nonprofit organization dedicated to the celebration of the art of "belly dance." Join MECDA!

Michelle, Professional Belly Dancer A lovely dancer! She dances in many Bay Area restaurants and teaches in the South Bay.

Monica, Professional Belly Dancer One of my favorite Raks Sharqi dancers and instructors based in San Francisco, California. Contact her at (415)289-6670 for *Shows, Classes, Supplies*.

Morocco Raks Sharki historian, instructor, dancer, and Goddess!

Naiya & Numa'ir Award-winning husband-wife belly dancing duo & Troupe Sahar!

Nanna Candelaria teaches on Wednesday nights at the Berkeley YMCA as well as private lessons in Oakland. An elegant classical Egyptian style dancer! See her every Saturday at Amira in SF.

Nashwa Ahlam a lovely dancer in the San Jose Area. She is an officer of MECDA Bay Area Chapter.

Parri Middle Eastern Dance by Parri! Lovely South Bay instructor and dancer! See her at the Menara Moroccan Restaurant in San Jose and many other South Bay venues.

Rom - Professional Belly Dancer. A hypnotic American tribal-style dancer and instructor based out of St. George, Utah.

Salome - The Legend Incarnate, A wonderful belly dance resource for articles and links.

Samira Dawn, director of Shimmy Dreams Belly Dance studied extensively with Raqs Sharqi private dance coach Najia Marlyz, and Samira now teaches group classes and directs her own troupe in her own dance studio in Clayton, CA (925)984-8213 Contact Samira Dawn and make your reservation for classes or her fun ladies night out events!

Sandra - Professional Belly Dancer. Fabulous dancer! She dances at Aziza in SF and many South Bay venues and teaches in Palo Alto.

Saqra Belly Dance! Saqra is a master belly dance instructor who teaches workshops and seminars throughout the world! Her site is a wonderful resource for articles, links, and more!

Selayma Anan - Heats up the belly dance scene in Colorado! Known in the Middle Eastern dance community for her spirited and spell-binding performances. Selayma has shared her true appreciation and mastery of La Danse du Ventre with delighted audiences from coast-to-coast. As an instructor, she offers over 20 years of dance experience to her students. As a professional entertainer, she brings honor and stewardship to the mercurial definitions of American belly dance.

Setareh. A lovely professional belly dancer. She teaches and dances in the San Jose area.

Shabnam. An award-winning fiery professional belly dancer and instructor in Oakland, California.

Sharifa Teaches folkloric-style belly dance classes in Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek! She is the founder of Troupe Tangiers and Sharifa's Habibis! Check out her classes! Ladies, call her for more info about classes at 925-938-0554
Shira.Net. Information on everything belly dance including lyrics to great Middle Eastern songs!

Shoshanna. Shoshanna is a Middle Eastern Dance artist from Arcata, on California's Northern Coast, known for her artful presentation and expressive lyrical style. She performs and teaches workshops across the country (and beyond) in which she works with students to cultivate excellent technique and a passion for the dance.

Sirens In Sanity with Yasmine and Saiedeh Instruction, workshops, and shopping.

Stasha A professional with over twenty five years experience in Middle Eastern dance. She has been the featured dancer at San Francisco's "El Mansour" Moroccan restaurant for the last 15 years!

Suhaila Salimpour's School of Dance is in El Cerrito, California. Visit her site for classes, videos, music, etc.

SurreyyaA professional belly dancer, snake dancer, and instructor! She teaches belly dance classes in Lafayette, CA! Check out her new touring show Dangerous Beauties too!

Suzanna Del VecchioBased in Colorado. Visit her site for classes, workshops, retreats, and her really useful and challenging instructional videos.

Taaj, the belly dance trainer! Comprehensive site for dancers!

Tatseena & Good Vibrations Instruction, workshops, performances, and the Belly Dance Fanstasy Festival Featured dancer every Saturday at Tangia in Oakland!

Yolanda A gorgeous classical Raks Sharki dancer, belly dance instructor, and web page designer! She teaches in Palo Alto and Mt. View.

Zahara Multi-award winning professional Middle Eastern Dance Artist. Zahara is a Yosifah Rose Productions professional associate, a dear friend, an award-winning professional dancer! Check her out!

Zaheea Award-winning professional belly dancer, instructor, and webmaster for El Morocco Restaurant! Zaheea is a gorgeous, multi-talented dancer located in the Sacramento area.

Zahra Zuhair Master teacher, performer, and choreographer based in Los Angeles. If you are a belly dancer, do yourself a favor and buy her instructional videos or dvds. If you are looking for instructional videos, start with her Zahra Zuhair Dance Basics...and then collect her whole series! She also hostesses an annual woman's dance retreat in California and sometimes leads tours to Egypt.

Zaina Hart Professional belly dancer, instructor, publisher of "The Belly Dancer Magazine", and producer of the Double Crown Belly Dance Competition Festival and International Bazaar in Portland, Oregon.

Zari Professional belly dancer and instructor in Berkeley, California. She is a truly beautiful and amazing dancer! Check her out!

Celiac Disease Info and Gluten Free Products

Yosifah has been gluten free since 1995 when she was diagnosed with Celiac. She only links to gluten-free vendors, information sources, and products that she has used and personally recommends!

Honeyville Food Products sells delicious Gluten-Free, Kosher Almond Flour! It is great for gluten-free baking and adds protein that other gluten-free flours lack.
Honeyville Gluten Free Almond Flour

Entertainment Agencies and Party Planning Resources

Henna Garden. From theme parties and team building meetings to international festivals and multicultural workshops, Henna Garden Events & Entertainment provides unique and customized event planning in the greater Bay Area. HG specializes in theme parties and ethnic events for schools, non-profit organizations, museums, private clients, corporations, and more. Henna Garden has been presenting a variety of special events and entertainment since 1996 to a wide range of audiences.

Fitness and Women's Health Issues

Breast Cancer Information. Yosifah is a breast cancer survivor. Being young, fit, and healthy is not protection against breast cancer. 1 in 8 women will get breast cancer! Every year, 40,000 women die of breast cancer. Do monthly self-exams and see your doctor if you find any thickening or lumps. Early detection saves lives!!

Sierra Bender. Sierra 4 Body Fitness & Yoga teaches you how to tap into the energy and power within these 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. Sierra leads BOOT CAMP FOR GODDESSES! Become the goddess you already are. Boot Camp for Goddesses will help you break through to new levels of fitness -- physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Graphic Artists and Promotional Products Resources Need custom promotional products? Visit this comprehensive site to help you with your business promotional needs!

Sharman Studios - Full service design studio. Designing marketing communication materials from concept through product delivery.

Identity Theft Prevention and Internet Security

We all know friends and family members who have been victims of identity theft. Protect your identity both in-person and online with Lifelock! Afterall, aren't your good credit and your peace-of-mind worth protecting?
Sign up for LifeLock today and receive 10% off!

Professional Photographers

Carl F. Sermon Photography, Carl F. Sermon, also known as Ma*Shuqa's husband, is the photographer to the San Francisco Bay Area Orientale Dance community. He is known for taking photos that capture the “Golden Moments of Dance. In an article in The Chronicles magazine, Ma*Shuqa describes Carl’s photographic work with dancers and coined the term “The Golden Ya Habibi Moment”. Contact Carl F. Sermon Photography atReel Sound and Light Productions, 1-408-356-9473, or contact Carl at">

Scott Belding is every artists best friend! Scott is the offical photographer for the highly regarded Moving Arts Dance Company and Solad Dance Center in Walnut Creek, California. He is also the offical photographer of Yosifah Rose and her band Al'Azifoon! Dancers and musicians are Scott's favorite photography subjects. Additionally, he takes lovely family and special event portraits.

Yosifah was interviewed by Scott Belding of ARTBEAT Video Magazine in March 2010 in a feature about her band Al 'Azifoon and their performances at El Morocco Restaurant Dancers' Night.
Click here to watch this interview on YouTube!

Contact Scott Belding at and visit his site at

Sky Grafix and Sky Design Event Photography, Concept and Design by Sami K. Yousif. Contact Sami at or (925) 360-3727.


San Francisco Airport Hotels.Tourist and travel info and Hotels close to San Francisco Airport!

Morocco The country!

Visit the Gilded Serpent Webzine for articles, events, news, reviews, links, and resources for all things related to belly dance and more!

Bellydancers by Panta Rei marion_pantarei
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Eastern Strings by Nathan
Yosifah and her husband Nathan are musicians.
They perform with the classical Arabic musical ensemble Al Azifoon.
Nathan performs solo instrumental music as Eastern Strings by Nathan!

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