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El Morocco Dancers' Nights, Pleasant Hill, CA
FIRST SUNDAY of every month,
with LIVE MUSIC by Al 'Azifoon!

Classical Arabic Music Ensemble: Al'Azifoon

Al Azifoon's Youtube Channel - Bay Area Classical Arabic Music Ensemble

Qanun music by Yosifah Rose!  Classical Arabic music with Al'Azifoon

Yosifah Rose performs Classical Arabic music with Al'Azifoon

Yosifah Rose Productions specializes in providing professional family-friendly Middle Eastern music and dance performances, educational workshops for schools, libraries, and museums, and referrals to the best Middle Eastern-themed musicians and professional dance entertainers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The founders of Yosifah Rose Productions, Yosifah and her husband Nathan are professional musicians and educators. Yosifah is the event planner and hostess of the First Sunday Dancers' Nights Shows at El Morocco Restaurant in Pleasant Hill featuring live music by Al'Azifoon and guest dance artists and dance instructors from all over the greater Bay Area.

Al 'Azifoon regularly performs live Arabic music at Middle Eastern-themed festivals, winery events, corporate and private parties, charitable fundraisers, and other family-friendly events.

Yosifah Rose presents Introduction to Arabic Music Workshops for public libraries, public and private schools (K-12), as well as at museums and other educational venues.

Contact Yosifah if you would like to discuss bringing an educational workshop to your community!

Classical Arabic music with Al'Azifoon

Are you planning an Arabian Nights, On the Road to Marrakesh, or Moroccan-themed special event or party?

Contact Yosifah Rose Productions!

Yosifah Rose Presents only coordinates family-friendly events.
Absolutely, NO bachelor or male-audience-only parties.

Visit our Booking Page for more information.

Classical Raqs Sharqi by the lovely Khalilah Samah performing with Al'Azifoon

Often mistakenly called belly dance in the United States and other western countries, but more appropriately called Oriental Dance, Danse Orientale, or Raqs Sharqi (also commonly transliterated as Raks Sharki from Arabic -- which literally means "Dance of the East") -- is the women's dance that originated in the Middle East. Belly dancing has become increasingly popular with women throughout the western world who are drawn to it as a fun, low impact form of exercise.

Ladies, are you thinking about studying belly dance? The Bay Area has many wonderful dance instructors! Click here to find out about classes in Lafayette and Martinez Dance Classes Page for more information. Visit our links page for more extensive links for classes throughout the greater Bay Area.

Are you a performer of Middle Eastern dance?
Contact Yosifah if you would like to sign up to dance at El Morocco's Dancer's Night.

El Morocco Restaurant in Pleasant Hill, California!  Delicious authentic Moroccan food!  Belly dancing six nights a week.
El Morocco Restaurant
2203 Morello Avenue (at Taylor Boulevard)
Pleasant Hill, California
(925) 671-0132
El Morocco Restaurant serves delicious, authentic Moroccan cuisine in a magical candle-lit oasis.
In addition to live music Dancers Nights with Al 'Azifoon,
El Morocco Restaurant presents family-friendly Belly Dancing shows Tuesdays through Sundays evenings!

Yosifah was interviewed by Scott Belding of ARTBEAT Video Magazine
in March 2010 in a feature about
her band Al 'Azifoon and their performances
at El Morocco Restaurant Dancers' Night.
Click here to watch this interview on YouTube!

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Bellydancers by Panta Rei marion_pantarei
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