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Welcome to the homepage of Arabic-Learners!  This is a free online resource dedicated to providing links and helpful information to English-speakers interested in learning Arabic as a foreign language.

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Welcome to the homepage of www.arabic-learners.com, arabic-language-resources.com, arabicstudent.net, modernstandardarabic.com, and studyfusha.com! This free website is dedicated to helping English speakers who are interested in learning Arabic by providing links to helpful textbooks, books, DVDs, Arabic movies with English subtitles, websites, and other information helpful to learning Arabic as a foreign language. Additionally, since language and culture are closely intertwined, this site will also provide some information about Arabic history, religion, culture, music, and art.

This site was founded by a professional educator with a Master's degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages who has a passion for travel and studying foreign languages, especially Arabic.

Arabic is a Semitic language with ancient roots, a rich history, and an extensive vocabulary system based upon tri-lettered word roots or stems. Arabic is the official language of twenty-two countries in the world and is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. According to the U.S. National Institutes of Health website, nearly 250 million people speak Arabic.

Arabic is considered a "critical language" by the U.S. government, yet university courses and degree programs in Arabic are still somewhat scarce in some parts of the United States as well as in other English speaking countries. Due in part to the diverse nature of the population in California, the greater San Francisco Bay Area is fortunate in that a variety of classroom options are available for studying Arabic as a foreign language. There are affordable non-credit Arabic classes available in private and public schools such as Pacific Arabic Resources -- a private, secular, nonpolitical language school serving the growing community of people interested in learning standard and colloquial Arabic with classes ranging from beginning to advanced-- and an introductory multi-level Arabic for travelers course at Berkeley Adult School, as well as first year college Arabic as a foreign language courses at Bay Area community colleges such as Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill and Berkeley City College (Arabic 1A and Arabic 1B). While Arabic as a foreign language courses are becoming increasingly popular at four-year colleges and universities in California, these CSU and UC courses fill-up very quickly, and CSU and UC tuition is becoming increasingly more expensive due to California's on-going budget woes.

Additionally, U.C. Berkeley, Pacific Arabic Resources, and Zaytuna College offer summer intensive Arabic courses (tuition for these intensive six or eight week courses of study can range from $1,800 to $5,000), but the intensive nature of those courses may make them impractical for adult learners who work full-time and/or have family commitments.

Fortunately, FREE online resources for learning Arabic as a foreign language have been growing during the past decade; however, determining which resources are the most useful can be challenging for anyone who wishes to study Arabic as a Foreign Language.

Therefore, this site, created by a dedicated student of Arabic as a foreign language, is designed to help learners of Arabic as a foreign language to successfully learn Arabic. This website, InshaAllah, promotes the study of Arabic as a foreign language in the interest of:

1) promoting equitable, affordable access to education;

2) fostering inter-cultural awareness and appreciation; and,

3) promoting world peace.

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Visit Amazon to buy these books and resources to begin studying Arabic today!

Visit Pacific Arabic Resources Click here to visit Pacific Arabic Resources at www.pacificarabic.com

Pacific Arabic Resources is a private, secular, nonpolitical language school which teaches Modern Standard Arabic and colloquial Arabic in a variety of dialects (Egyptian, Levantine, Moroccan). With six academic terms per year, chances are good that new classes are starting soon.

Pacific Arabic Resources is located in downtown San Francisco, at 55 New Montgomery Street, Suite 713, California.
Commuter friendly, only half block from MUNI, Montgomery Street BART station).

Also, check out their free online flashcards for Alif Baa and al Kitaab!

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